About the book / site

Policing Indigenous Movements chronicles surveillance and criminalization practices by using records accessed through various Access to Information and Freedom of Information mechanisms. The goal is to narrate the policing efforts targeting Indigenous movements through the records of policing agencies themselves.

This website serves as a repository for the various ATI/FOI files that we’ve used for the book (as well as others, perhaps). We have organized the site based on our book chapters, providing all cited ATIs/FOIs under each banner. Short summaries are available per chapter to help guide readers.

While our site is meant to give readers access to the declassified records, we underline that our efforts in having to make public records available through our website is itself a dubious illustration of the broken condition in which the ATI/FOI regime currently exists in Canada. It’s entirely ridiculous that agencies cannot simply make these files available for download once they’ve been processed and declassified. Alas.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Contact: jeffrey.monaghan(at)carleton.ca; andrew.crosby(at)carleton.ca